Our Values...

Everything we do is rooted in Scripture. We are unapologetically convinced that the Bible is the Word of God and is relevant for all of life. One of the primary tasks given to our Elders is to hold the entire life and ministry of Horizon up to Scripture. If we begin to be suspicious that we’ve drifted from the clear teaching in some way, it’s the job of the Elders to redirect us.

We’re making faith relevant in a relaxed environment. God is the most relevant being in the universe.  However, sometimes in our pursuit of following God, we get stuck in a particular time and place. We want to do everything we can to be sure that we’re teaching and practicing our faith in  a way that makes sense in the world we’re living in right now.  And, while we take God seriously our desire is to pursue God in an environment that is relaxed, casual, authentic, and fun.

You’ll be comfortable here just as you are. We’re all flawed people. Although we’re committed to the idea that God is entirely invested in our transformation, we believe that’s God’s business. We have no expectations that anyone is going to show up having already arrived. We all make our share of mistakes along the way and so you’ll be welcome here regardless of your baggage.  

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